In Fairyland

5 days horseback riding/6 nights

Price: 760 euro/person

Horseback riding with wellness in the Csík alps and in Ghimes

On this extraordinary adventure we will take a look at the country life in Ghimes and we will explore the enourmous plains of the Csík alps. The name of this tour comes from the legend of the rivers Maros and Olt in which there is a fairy called Tarkő. This fairy has given the name of the Terkő ridge where we will ride.

During this 7-day trail-ride through the romantic wilderness of the Carpathian Mountains we get an inside view of Szeklerland’s country life, local kitchen, the near-natural life of the local people and their culture.We will follow hidden paths where you can go only on horse or on foot.

Our trail-riding takes us through ridges, forests, rivers and very narrow paths. For relaxing you can enjoy barrel bath filled with warm salty water.

Important information about this tour:

  • We start from Csikszendomokos and our tour contains 6 overnight stays / 5 riding days
  • Duration of the rides varies from 5 to 6 hours
  • Food: having picnic at lunchtime, breakfast and dinner: hot meals
  • Accomodation: in guest houses with 2-3 beds
  • Size of the group: minimum 3, maximum 6 people
  • Tour price: From 760€ / person. The price depending on the number of participants
  • The tour is for advanced riders

Tour programme

1st day

Arrival in Csikszendomokos, getting to know each other, dicussing the tour details.

2nd day

Pásztorbükk tour
We make a day-tour to Pásztorbükk, a place with an important historical significance – the prince-bishop Báthory Endre was captured and killed here in 1599. Our tour is a good opportunity to learn about the historical aspect of this place and its legends. From here we head for a sheepfold where we can taste cheese and orda (a sort of whey cheese). We have lunch at the shepherds’ place and then go back to the village. In the afternoon we visit the village museum where we offer our guests the possibility to have a look at the national costume worn by local people and to learn about some of our traditions.

3rd day

Csík alps tour
On this day we’ll ride up to the top of Naskalat (1553m) where we follow the runaway route of the 32 border hunter batallion.
Our guests can get some information about this batallion. The range of Naskalat separates the valley of Ghimes from the Csík basin. Accomodation is in Gálkút in a hostel.

4th day

Ghimes tour
From Gálkút valley we climb to the Tarkö mountain (1460m) from where we descend to Ghimes, more precisely to Muhos and Barackos. On our way we can admire mountainers’ cottages, shepherds’ houses and can learn about the life of these people living in the middle of nature. Our guests can spend a nice evening up in the mountains, relaxing in the wooden barrel tub of the guesthouse.

5th day

Öcsém tour
We arrive to a more difficult section, namely – we have to get on the top of the Öcsém mountain which is up at 1707m high.We go along this chalk cliff-ridge on horse till we reach the Egyeskő (Lonely Rock)1608m where we take a rest, have lunch then we descend to our accomodation in Székpatak.

6th day

Olt Reze Tour
From Székpatak we continue our tour towards Csíkszentdomokos going along the ridge of Olt Reze. This place offers an amazing view of the Nagyhagymás and that of the Csík alps.
Dinner and room in Csíkszentdomokos.

7th day

Breakfast,travelling home

The price includes:horse, horse equipment, guiding, accomodation, meal, visiting the museum and the national costume presentation.

The price doesn’t include spirits and insurance.

What you need to have:raincoat, waterproof boots, gaiters, head lamp, water bottle, helmet, sleeping bag.