Wish adventure

If you feel that you have not found the tour for you, then you can take a personalized tour. During the tours we can also offer, on special request, private bear watching tours or visits of some unique sights of Szeklerland through car trips, too. Besides that: you can watch a folkdance show, you can learn local folkdance, you can admire the diversity of folk costumes in Csikszetdomokos, you can visit a blacksmith`s workshop, you can take part in chimney cakes or bread baking. If you are interested, we can present you the modern museum of Márton Áron (the famous bishop of Transylvania) or the local ethnographic museum.



Csíkszentdomokos 793
Románia, Hargita megye

Karda Emőke
+40 746 419 840

Karda László
+40 746 481 412


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