About us

My name is László Karda and I live with my family in Csíkszentdomokos, Transylvania (Romania). I am a folkdance teacher by profession, I have been teaching folk dance for more than 20 years. I teach not only children but adults as well.
My family has always kept horses, so I can say that I was growing up together with horses. I often wandered in the surrounded mountains on horseback or carriaged so I know all the sights, all the wild paths and all the adventurous places that our beautiful region can offer.

Adventures for a life

I have been organizing horse riding tours since 2012 in the the Nagyhagymás National Park (the only national park of Szeklerland), Csik alps and Gyimes. My family – my wife and my two children help me with the wandering tours. They are also fond of nature and of horses.
The romantic landscapes, the gastronomy, the farming world and the culture of Szeklerland have retained a value that is remarkable for the 21st century.
We invite our guests to a time-travel where they can get acquainted with the close-to-nature lifestyle and they can experience unforgettable adventures.

Our horses

Our horses (Manci, Dajka,Bubi,Szellő and Bátor) are well suited to riding and taking carriage,they are calm and relaxed, with a height of 145-160 cm.They are kept outside in summer as well as in winter.They grew up here so they are used to the narrow paths and they are able to walk safely on rocky grounds what is really important for our tours.

Why choose us?


Calm tempered, sure footed, local horses. Comfort and nomad horse-riding tours with wellness and


Horse-cart rides for families, 1-5 days long comfort and nomad wandering tours even for beginners.

Good mood

Wandering tours for smaller groups, 2-4 persons,with a familial atmosphere and with maximum


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